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Brahms String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2

New Zealand String Quartet

Brahms’s two String Quartets, Op. 51 were the first he published but, completed in his 40th year, are very much mature masterpieces. He was very conscious of the tradition that lay behind the quartet genre, and the spirits of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert ensured that he took the greatest of care when preparing his own quartets. Each perfectly proportioned movement of these works creates its own unique expressive narrative, exploring bitter-sweet tonalities and thematic treatment ranging from tender lyricism to dramatic intensity.

Recorded at St Ann's Anglican Church, Toronto, Ontario, Canada from 16th - 18th July, 2014.

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LILBURN: String Quartet in E Minor

New Zealand String Quartet

This recording of Douglas Lilburn’s complete string chamber music celebrates the centenary of his birth, and is crowned by a world première recording of the Phantasy Quartet which won the Cobbett Prize at the Royal College of Music in 1939. On his return from studies in London to Christchurch in 1940 Lilburn embarked upon a prolific and varied period of creativity. This included the String Quartet in E minor, notable for its intense yet supple lyric power, the three Canzonettas, quasi-Elizabethan in tone as befits their tie to incidental music he wrote for Ngaio Marsh’s productions of Shakespeare’s plays in Christchurch, and the Schubert-influenced String Trio.

Audio Samples And Track Listings

 String Quartet in E Minor

1. I. Andante 00:06:51
2. II. Allegretto 00:02:34 
3. III. Allegro 00:07:47


4. I. Andante con moto 00:02:58
5. II. Allegro 00:02:25
6. III. Andante 00:02:49
7. IV. Allegro 00:04:15
8. V. Lento 00:04:25
9. VI. Allegramente 00:02:31

String Trio

10. I. Allegro non troppo 00:06:32
11. II. Allegretto 00:04:37
12. III. Allegro 00:05:26

Canzonetta No. 1

13. Canzonetta No. 1 00:03:16

Canzonetta No. 2

14. Canzonetta No. 2 00:01:06

Canzonetta No. 3

15. Canzonetta No. 3 00:04:24



16. Phantasy 00:10:43



Notes from a Journey

New Zealand String Quartet

A diverse and fascinating collection of works for string quartet by NZ composers.

"This celebration of the inspirational symbiosis that these four musicians share with our composer community has much going for it. If one could venture a superlative for the word immaculate, then this production would deserve it; as far as visual presentation is concerned, Simon Kaan's “Untitled Waka” on the cover could not be bettered for cool elegance.” 
William Dart, NZ Herald

Music by John Psathas, Jack Body, Ross Harris, Gareth Farr and Michael Norris
December 2010 Atoll CD Ltd ACD 118
Producer: Wayne Laird

Winner Best Classical Album at Vodafone NZ Music Awards 2011

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New Zealand String Quartet

Schubert represents a milestone in the Quartet’s career of over 25 years with a recording of Franz Schubert’s masterpiece, String Quartet in G Major. As Schubert’s final and most epic string quartet, it is essential listening for classical music and string quartet enthusiasts. Schubert pushed the boundaries of string quartet writing of his time by including a huge range of dramatic contrast and requiring a high level of technical prowess from performers. This work is inventive and conveys a sense of urgency with its major/minor harmonic conflict, sudden accents and change of dynamics. It remains as a pinnacle of string quartet repertoire.

Audio Samples And Track Listings

1. String Quartet No.15 in G Major: Allegro molto moderato
2. String Quartet No.15 in G Major: Andante un poco moto
3. String Quartet No.15 in G Major: Scherzo: Trio
4. String Quartet No.15 in G Major: Allegro assai

Asian Music for String Quartet

New Zealand String Quartet

A collection of music by Asian composers
New Zealand String Quartet

Featuring works by Zhou Long, Chinary Ung, Tan Dun, Gao Ping, and Toru Takemitsu
November 2012 Naxos Classical Catalogue no 8.572488
Producer: Norbert Kraft & Bonnie Silver
Engineer: Norbert Kraft

Audio Samples And Track Listings

1. Song of the Ch'in 00:08:57
2. Spiral III 00:10:01
3. Bright Light and Cloud Shadows 00:11:33
4. A Way a Lone 00:11:50
5. No. 1. Peking Opera 00:01:56
6. No. 2. Shadows 00:01:11
7. No. 3. Pink Actress 00:01:44
8. No. 4. Black Dance 00:01:46
9. No. 5. Zen 00:03:49
10. No. 6. Drum and Gong 00:00:55
11. No. 7. Cloudiness 00:02:38
12. No. 8. Red Sona 00:01:48
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