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Dancing in the Hub: Duo Ombré and NZSQ

24 May 2019 | 6:00pm | The Hub. Victoria University of Wellington

This multi art-form event will see us and piano duo Duo Ombré perform in the Hub at Victoria University, accompanied by two of New Zealand’s foremost dance talents, Loughlan Prior and Laura Jones. Duo Ombré (Hamish Robb and Beth Chen) will play Debussy’s Petite Suite, Mozart’s Sonata for Piano Four Hands and selections from Rachmaninoff’s Six Morceaux for Piano Duet. In the second half of the concert, we'll offer renditions of two dances by Erwin Schulhoff: Alla Czecha and Alla Tango Milonga as well as Bartok’s String Quartet No.5.

With gestural translations by the two dancers alongside these fabulous works, this is set to be a truly special event.

Dancing in the Hub

Accompanied by dancers Loughlan Prior and Laura Jones

Debussy Petite Suite

Mozart Sonata for Piano Four Hands 

Rachmaninoff selections from Six Morceaux for Piano Duet

Performed by Duo Ombré

Erwin Schulhoff Alla Czecha and Alla Tango Milonga

Bartók String Quartet No.5

Performed by the New Zealand String Quartet

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