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Cremona, Italy

This Violin was made in 1784 in Cremona, Italy by Lorenzo Storioni. 

Lorenzo Storioni (1744-1816) is one on the last great Cremonese masters of violin making. Storioni came after the Stradivari, Bergonzi and Guarneri del Gesù - who all died within a decade of each other and left no obvious heirs.

Some distinguishing characteristics of this instrument are its varnish, which is a deep orange-brown colour and the edges of the violin have a tinged black colour. The scroll is carefully rounded and the instruments body is beautifully curved. 

Monique says: “The dark appearance of the violin is easily reflected in its sound also. The most obvious characteristic is the depth and richness of the violins tone - almost like that of a viola on the lower strings. Having said this - the violin still has the ability to project a virtuosic and dynamic sound and also some of the sweetest colours on the upper stings. A violin of this caliber sings and resonates through every part of the wood!”

NZSQ has had this violin in the quartet family for over thirty years thanks to the generous support of David Duncan Craig and the Lily Duncan Trust.

Debussy - String Quartet in G minor - iii.  Andantino, doucement expressif (Mvt 3/4)
Schubert  - Quartettsatz (complete live performance)
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