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Nau mai, Haere Mai. 

Welcome to our brand-new Digital Concert Hall.

Enjoy the NZSQ like never before - up close and musical, from the comfort of your own home. 

Our growing collection of performances are available for you to purchase (or rent) to enjoy at your leisure. Alongside our exciting miniseries of education resources that are free to access at any time.

We'll be adding more performances and education resources over time - subscribe to our Q-notes mailing list to be the first to hear about new releases, behind-the-scenes interviews and much more. 


Our brand-new digital concert series filmed in the cosy Black Sparrow Bar at

the Embassy Theatre, Wellington.

Join us online as we take you on an intimate journey through the music of Haydn, Shostakovich, Louise Webster (NZ) and Dvořák interspersed with lively conversation and musical introductions from the Quartet.

Shot in stunning HD with high quality audio production, The Digital Sessions are available to purchase and view at your leisure, or rent for 72 hours from time of payment. 

For a truly immersive experience, check out our NZSQ Insights series, presented by the Quartet members, bringing to life the music and history of both digital concerts. 


LOUISE WEBSTER this memory of earth

DVOŘÁK String Quartet No.10, Op. 51

This memory of earth celebrates our relationship with the natural environment and our memories that connect us to our sense of place in the world.

Through cerebral gestures in Louise Webster’s this memory of earth and Slavonic echoes in Dvořák’s tenth string quartet – our second Digital Session brings to life nostalgic memories of childhood and homeland.

Approx. 55mins

Purchase for NZ$18 (unlimited viewing)

Rent for NZ$15 (view for 72 hours from payment)


HAYDN String Quartet Op.76, No.4 'Sunrise'

SHOSTAKOVICH String Quartet No.11, Op.122

Diving deep into the music of Haydn and Shostakovich – Between the Shades of Light explores personal expression and musical identity in times of freedom and suppression.

Haydn, writing with beauty and optimism, pursuing his ideal form of expression - and Shostakovich, in soviet-era Russia, intent on expressing his voice under suppression and dictatorship.  Two quartets written under vastly different circumstances, yet each, affecting music that speaks directly to the soul.

Approx. 46mins

Purchase for NZ$18 (unlimited viewing)

Rent for NZ$15 (view for 72 hours from payment)