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Musicians of the NZSQ

The NZSQ is made up of four talented musicians who are all dedicated performers and mentors to students across the country. The three longest-serving members of the Quartet, Helene, Rolf and Gillian, have each been awarded the MNZM (Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit) honour for services to music in New Zealand. Read on to get to know them.

Helene Pohl

Violin I

Gillian Ansell


Peter Clark

Violin II

Rolf Gjelsten


Instruments of the NZSQ

The instruments of the NZSQ span the complete golden age of Italian violin making, from the Amati family in Cremona who standardised the style of violin that we know today and taught their skills to luthiers such as Antonio Stradavarius, through to Storioni, considered the last of the great Venetian school of Luthiers.

Guarneri Mark Robinson.jpeg
1730 Pietro Guarneri Violin

Played by Helene Pohl

Amati Mark Robinson.jpeg
1619 Nicolo Amati Viola

Played by Gillian Ansell

On loan to the NZSQ thanks to the Adam Foundation

Storioni Mark Robinson.jpeg
1784 Lorenzo Storioni Violin

Played by Peter Clark

On loan to the NZSQ thanks to David Duncan Craig and the Lily Duncan Trust

Goffriller Mark Robinson.jpeg
1705 Francesco Goffriller Cello

Played by Rolf Gjelsten

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