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1705 Goffriller Cello with Rolf | NZSQ Updates

In this video, the NZSQ’s cellist, Rolf Gjelsten, shares some of the 315 years history of his cello, crafted in Venice in 1705 by Francesco Gofriller.

This extraordinary cello, which projects a “beautiful rich bass and a sweet top”, has passed through the hands of many great performers. Rolf describes his relationship with his cello as

“...both a child and father. A child in the care I must give it to last another 300 years and a father in what the instrument can teach me about singing with character and playing without wilfulness.”

He explains that his own musical voice comes through the instrument.

“Every moment I sit at the cello I’m enriched by the colours and innate character of the instrument. Those 17th century Italians knew how to seduce the ear!”

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