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Lockdown Listening

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

What a week. We’re back in lockdown and the familiar routines of working from home, sourdough-come-banana-bread baking and getting around to that neglected bit of DIY seem like second nature now.

Although we’re disappointed not to be on tour across Aotearoa right now, we’re taking stock and preparing to hit the road as soon as we can! But our rescheduling needs a soundtrack, right? Have a listen to what’s getting us through and lifting our moods at home.


Monique Lapins

2nd violin

Jacques Brel - “Les Bourgeois”

During lockdown, I have returned to listening to the many songs of Jacques Brel. His performances inspire me in so many ways! His songs communicate a meaningful message within the stories and his unapologetic expression and passion move me to the core every time.


Gillian Ansell


Grazyna Bacewizc – Sonata for Violin (1958)

I’ve known of Polish female violinist, pianist and composer, Grazyna Bacewizc (1909-1969) for a while as I came across her Quartet for 4 Violins a while back, but recently I listened to one of her sonatas for violin and piano, which was colourful and exciting with a flavour all its own. She must have been quite a trailblazer, studying in Paris with famous composition teacher Nadia Boulanger and violinist Carl Flesch, then playing in the Polish Radio Orchestra and holding a professorship at the State Conservatoire of Music in Łódź. So I explored other pieces of hers and discovered this fantastic Sonata for Violin from 1958.