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October international touring

After several concerts at home, our tour in October will take us abroad again, this time to the USA and Germany. 

Oregon marks the first port of call, where we’ll present twice as part of the Ashland Chamber Music Concert Series. We are delighted to then be spending what I’m sure will be an intense week for a guest residency at the University of North Texas. It will be wonderful to get to know the students and share our journey and love of chamber music with them. It also always feels more special to play for an audience we have got to know! For Helene an extra bonus will be to reconnect with her old friend Julia Bushkova, whom she first met years ago when both were learning with the great Josef Gingold.

Jetting across the Atlantic, we’ll arrive in Göttingen, Germany, to perform in the concert series Freunde Spielen für Freunde. Our last stop is the Sonnenalp Chamber Music Festival in the Bavarian town of Allgäu. This year’s festival is a jubilee – marking 100 years – and the four concerts we’ll perform fittingly bring New Zealand music together with the masters of European musical traditions.  

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