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Salon Series 2014

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

“Chamber music up  so close you can see us breathe and feel us communicate - the next best thing to being in the group!” - Helene Pohl

Whether you’re a long-time chamber music lover or just discovering this beautiful form of music, you’ll love our August/September tour Salon Series 2014.

We’ll be transporting you back to the days of musical soirees, performing in intimate spaces and gracious settings with three programmes playing on the theme of ‘Music and Ideas’ and including plenty of audience favourites.

We’re looking forward to this brand new series and hope you’ll come along and socialise with friends and us. Tickets for the New Zealand String Quartet Salon Series 2014 are on sale now. “World class music as it was originally intended, so close there's a collectively held breath at the moment that bows contact strings.  Then there's enthusiastic applause from the audience whenever they feel inspired to respond.  In this generous Salon Series the NZSQ visit their audiences, rather than vice versa, inviting everyone to a concert setting that bubbles with excitement from everybody in the room.” - Kate Mead, Production Manager, Radio New Zealand Concert following Salon Series 2014 Featherston concert last Sunday.

"Ideal for any new listeners but also with appeal to seasoned chamber music devotees - a successful move, given the capacity audience." - Peter Williams, Hawke's Bay Today

Sat 30 Aug, 3:00pm | Tom McDonald Cellar, Church Road Winery, Taradale | Salon 1

Sun 31 Aug, 3:00pm | House Concert at 103 Fitzherbert Street, Featherston | Salon 1

Fri 5 Sep, 6:30pm | Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street | Salon 1

Sat 6 Sep, 4:00pm | Q Theatre, 305 Queen Street | Salon 2

Tue 9 Sep, 8:00pm | Church of St Michael & All Angels | Salon 3

Wed 10 Sep, 7:30pm | Lodge Theatre, 102 Talbot Street | Salon 1

Thu 11 Sep, 7:30pm | First Church, 415 Moray Place | Salon 2

Sat 13 Sep, 5:00pm | Cloudy Bay Vineyards, Jacksons Road | Salon 1

Sun 14 Sep, 3:00pm | Old St John’s, 320 Hardie Street | Salon 2

Fri 19 Sep, 7:00pm | Hunter Council Chamber, Kelburn Parade | Salon 2

Sun 21 Sep, 3:00pm | Prefab Café, 14 Jessie Street | Salon 1

Salon 1 If you’re new to chamber music and want to test the waters this programme is for you. Featuring favourite movements from a range of works, the concert finishes with a full multi-movement work from Schubert. The pieces in this concert have been chosen for their popularity with chamber music fans and none are too taxing in length. More experienced chamber music devotees will also enjoy this opportunity to hear some of their favourite movements as stand-alone pieces and explore the ideas behind this breathtaking selection.

  • J.S.Bach – ‘Air’ from Suite No 3

  • Mozart – Quartet in C Major, K. 157 – Allegro, Andante, Presto

  • Puccini – ‘Crisantemi’

  • Dvořák – two waltzes, op.54

  • Tchaikovsky – ‘Cantabile’

  • Shostakovich – ‘Polka’

  • Piazzolla – Tango

  • Farr – Mambo Rambo

  • Barber – ‘Adagio’ op. 11

  • Chopin – ‘Etude’ op. 25 no 7

  • Turina – ‘The Bullfighter’

  • Schubert – Quartet in E flat, D.87

Salon 2 Haydn’s Gypsy Quartet and Grieg’s String Quartet in G minor feature in this programme for our musically sophisticated audience. These two multi-movement works are balanced by two shorter complete works. And, to provide an intriguing touch, each of the four musicians plays a solo movement from one of the suites by J. S. Bach providing an opportunity to highlight the individual instruments which form the string quartet.

  • Movements from the Bach suites

  • Haydn – ‘Gypsy’ Quartet Opus 54 no 2

  • Zhou Long – ‘Song of the Ch’in’

  • Wolf – Italian Serenade

  • Grieg – String Quartet in G minor, Opus 27

Salon 3 Specially designed for our chamber music lovers, this rich selection of three multi-movement works by Haydn, Brahms and Grieg is sure to delight. This programme is being presented for Christopher’s Classics in Christchurch.

  • Haydn – String Quartet in C major, Opus 54 no 2

  • Brahms – String Quartet No 3 in B flat major, Opus 67

  • Grieg – String Quartet No 1 in G minor, Opus 27

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