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Stunning student performances conclude 2020 Adam Summer School

“It’s something I anticipate every year. Particularly striking is the breadth of meaning that we are encouraged to explore - rehearsing Haydn alongside Schnittke for example, has allowed me to understand the diversity of musical expression, and ultimately how that relates to our own human nature.”
Grace McKenzie (First Violin, 2021 Adam Troubadours)

Last weekend the Adam Summer School concluded another year – once again on a high note. Across nine days of more than a hundred coaching and practice sessions, public masterclasses, community concerts and Feldenkrais classes each of the students in our seven ensembles worked incredibly hard. As NZSQ tutor Helene Pohl explains:

"...the intensity and amount of coaching means that we aren’t just giving them lists of ideas or instructions for them to work with, but actually rehearsing with them.  This allows them to experience in a very direct way what kind of work it takes to bring a work up to a professional performance standard."

The 2021 Adam Troubadours are coached by Helene Pohl

The standard of the performances was extremely high this year. The two Finale Concerts at Nelson’s Centre of Musical Arts blew audiences away, with one attendee commenting that the students had "produced something special" in these showcases. It’s an intense week, but the rewards all around for students, tutors, and audiences, are great!

We asked several students to tell us about their week in Nelson. Pianist Nicholas Kovacev has now attended for three consecutive years – and his group’s performance of Shostakovich’s Piano Trio at the 3pm concert was compelling. Nicholas writes:

"The Adam summer school is a u